Neume at Work

Building psychological health for the modern workforce

“more targeted interventions that understand and fit the specific needs of different groups and individuals bring better outcomes than reactive approaches”

Employee well-being directly impacts productivity, culture, retention, and general healthcare costs.

Neume provides the accessible and convenient support employees need to be mentally healthy—so your people (and your business) can thrive.

This ground-breaking technology can help save as much as £2,000 per employee per annum.

Powering individual and corporate productivity

On the macro scale, the global economy lost $8.8 trillion in 2022 from lost productivity due to disengaged employees.

Major contributory factors to employee disengagement include anxiety, stress, and depression.

Addressing a global productivity problem

Our research shows that absenteeism, presenteeism, and employee churn has an annual projected economic impact of over $1TN in the four regions of UK, EU, USA, and Canada.

In January 2022, Deloitte reported that absence due to mental health cost UK employers up to £56bn a year with contemporary mental health interventions projecting an ROI of 5.3:1.

Neume at Work

Building Psychological Health

Neume makes use of quantitative data from clinically recognised self-assessments as well as proprietary qualitative conversational data analytics and insights.  

Neume’s unique approach to conversation is to ask questions rather than give answers.  Proprietary conversational technology helps to create a safe space for employees to talk about anything on their mind.

Neume holds unscripted, generative conversations, using Clean language.  Clean language is a technique using symbols, metaphors, and modeling. It is primarily used in counselingpsychotherapy and coaching as well as in education, business, organisational change and health.

Supporting the various therapeutic conversations are Neume’s integrated reflective journals.  Employees can talk about anything including what may be uncovered in therapy as a way to explore their issues at their own pace.

Neume seeks feedback regarding how well the user and therapist are working together and how well the user is doing.  Neume incorporates real-time feedback to tailor therapeutic and conversational skills to outcomes and reducing dropout rates.

Neume’s unique psychology engine infers up to 21,000 behavioural aspects per conversation.  Taking insights from therapy conversations, reflective journals and feedback helps to build a user’s Self-Authored Narrative.  Users can go back over their narrative and Neume’s insights as they track-and-learn from their journey. 


NEUME helps organisations to provide high-quality mental health support to people who need it the most.

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